Sunday, July 06, 2008


Well I've now lived one week with my new attitude, my new approach to training and my new approach to eating .... well maybe not TOTALLY new but different / better / the "new and improved version".

Here's what I've achieved since last Saturday:

1. Cardio every day except Thursday. It was TTOM and I was very sore so I rested. I'm still planning to run the City to Bay so am training for the 12km run but am also doing bike work when the weather isnt on my side. Highlight of the week: one hour of cardio on saturday morning. It was 2 min walk / 5 min jog intervals x 8 for an hour in total. BLISS!!

2. I prepared a new weights program for myself and have done the required 4 sessions plus another today which is the start of my 2nd week's weight training. DOMS hit progressivley from legs to chest and tris to abs to bis and I knew I was back in business. I have some weight training issues / challenges to sort out but nothing that cant be overcome.

3. Eats have been quite good on most days. Time off work to spend with BS while he's on school holidays presented some small challenges (in the form of hot chips from his plate) but I had them and then I stopped and didnt feel compelled to eat the stock of the local bakery just because I hadnt been perfect. In fact I havent had a cake or biscuit or sweets all week. (I tell a lie - we went out to breakfast today and I ate a pancake with some proper maple syrup - but again that was it - no out of control mindless eating which has been the pattern before).

4. Work was MEGA busy at the start of the week and oh the pressure to get things done. This would normally have me seeking out comfort food non-stop but I resisted and ate my planned meals/snacks and then just got my head back down, bum up and working.

5. I'm feeling really good. I know its early days and I shouldnt get all smug about just one week but I figure its better to be positive and optimistic than putting myself down like a Negative Nelly.

I've achieved stuff this week that I havent done for months and now I know where I'm going and can see a bit of progress I'm liking myself and life a whole lot more. Even my WH has made a positive and supportive comment about my change in attitude. God bless his honest little soul :-)

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

WOW what a turn around Magda. What a great week you've had and with some pretty great results as well. Just keep on doing what you're doing and you'll be just fine. ;o) xxx

Magda said...

Thanks Lia,

I forgot to brag about the looser jeans and flatter tummy too - oh well NEXT TIME LOL :-)


Tara said...

Hi Magda, I agree, what a great week you have had. Here is to an even better one this week!!

Congrats on seeing visible results too.

Tara xx

LizN said...

Good job Magda :) Change is hard, but it's not impossible.


Combat Girl said...

Good Work Magda!!

Proud of you.

Michelle said...

Great stuff Magda! It sounds like you've really turned a corner.

Splice said...

Great attitude Magda :-)
Keep up the good work on the positive outlook, your doing really well.

Magda said...

Thanks Tara. Visible results are always encouraging arent they.

Thanks Liz. The start of this year hasnt been good for me but I'm determined to make the 2nd half better.

CG you're too kind ... again.

Yes Michelle - hoping that I have and that my progress continues.

Thanks Deb :-)

Cheers all