Wednesday, September 05, 2007


....coz I'm on fire!!!

Despite feeling quite tired last night (I didnt sleep well the night before) I still managed to do a decent sprint session on my exercise bike followed up with my new "extra leg workout (ELW)" which I'll be aiming to complete AT LEAST 5 x / week and some more routine practice. It was another solid hour and 15 minutes and I was really happy with it. I was quite hungry when I finished it but had to be satisfied with a shake and then off to bed.

This morning I was up early (as usual) and hit the road for some more sprint work. I also incorporated my ELW and its a great feeling knowing its done for the day. Can you tell yet that I'm feeling PARTICULARLY GREAT.... right now. Its a bit scary actaully as in the past I've soared quite high only to fall very hard. But those times are history and I have this new opportunity to make a change and do things differently this time.

After all this serious training my appetite has really kicked up a notch. I'm enjoying my food and juggling meal times so that I dont get too ravenous. I'm not tempted to eat off plan as I know that on Saturday night I'll have a guilt free meal of my choice and I know I'll have earnt every mouthful. This is doing things "my way".

To all readers of my blog, I'm sending you a dose of my happy, positive vibes. ENJOY LIFE!!




Cheryl said...

Well done on all you have achieved. Not long now. I will be there watching and cheering you on. Thankfully I still have 40 days and need the extra few days. You inspire me to stay on track. Keep up the good work and positive mind set.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, sounds like your legs are getting a hammering! Great to see you being so positive. Keep it up! Cheers, Charlotte

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
It must be great having something to look forward to each week. You must share what you eat so I can drool while I read LOL (-;
Sounds like you're in a really great place keep it up
Kie xx