Friday, September 07, 2007


So I havent done as well today as earlier in the week but I'm not getting all stupid about it like I have before. Tomorrow will be another day...a better day.

On the up side though I had my body fat tested today and yes it has dropped nicely so I'm happy about that. I also learnt the rest of my routine and had some more posing coaching with M. I think my posing is ok so now I need to work on getting it to "good" and then "really good".

I set out to buy a new bikini today after Josh commented that the white one doesnt fit any more and is in fact very unflattering (like tell me something I dont already know...its damn uncomfortable too as it feels like its gonna fall off at any minute). So I'm shopping in my local Westfield (not a great place for choice) and seeing its only September in Adelaide thats still like winter with the odd mild/warm day...hence very little range in the shops yet. So I try Target hoping I can grab something cheap to tide me over til I get to Queensland after the comps (where I can shop to my heart's content for a superb bikini). Verdict: 2-3 styles of bikini (all atrocious) and some nana one pieces. NEXT SHOP!! B & T. Now they have previously served me well so I'm approcahing with a big sense of hope.....only to be let down again. Limited styles, limited sizes ... they are obviously not ready for the swimsuit season with these meagre offerings. NEXT SHOP!! Myer. Ah good old Myer. How can they disappoint. Well on the first account of having enough styles to choose from they did ok. I chose about 5-6 styles and trotted off to the change rooms with BS in tow and the Gameboy fired up while I tried them on.

Oh Lordy!!! I have no boobs and need help in this department. Some styles were ok for this, others were abysmal. Then there were the bottoms. The smallest size being a 10 and for the first time in my life I struggled with them looking/feeling too big. The last pair I tried on were ok until I checked the price tag and just about passed out. VERDICT: I will not pay that much money for something that looks "OK". ACTION: Leave without buying a new bikini. Will have to try in the city maybe.

So I have no new bikini but at least I'm not an obscene amount of money poorer either.

Have a great weekend all



Shar said...

Hey Magda

Good to see you are going well now, I have definaely noted a shift in you posts, you are sounding alot more positive about your journey.

Stay focussed and believe!

Shar x

Ali said...

Friday on my mind, I love that song!! I bet some of us won't know it hehe.

Magda you sound great wonderful to hear, certainly not long now!!!! It's exiting isn't it

Have a great weekend


Nic said...

Hi Magda,
Sounds like you have everything in perspective. I can't below you have 30 days left. Keep it going, Nic

Alicia said...

LOL welcome to the world of no breasts! I'm lucky if I can fill an A cup in the off season now ;) xo

Pip said...

LOL on the bikinis! I'm the OPPOSITE, - my boobs ARE TOO BIG! I always have to go for those wider strap styles made for D Cups plus! Never will those little spaghetti strap numbers do me any good. I always wish mine are smaller and more pert, - couldn't imagine the opposite prob!

Keep up the fabbo work!