Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi all,

just a quick post as I dont have much time tonight. BS needs to be put to bed, then there's some more cardio to try and knock off a bit more body fat. Oh and lets not forget the posing and routine practice before getting an early night so I can be up at 5am to do my FINAL heavy weights session before the comp. WOOHOO!!

This week has been all out of whack with travel for work, lots of time spent out of the office and a routine that was just "out the window". Nutrition has suffered a little - some of it within my control and some totally out of my control. No major dramas though so I'm happy with where things are at. Josh and I talked about my "2 weeks out" pics and he's happy with them (or so he says!!) so I will try to be less harsh on myself and give myslef more credit for what I've achieved.

Training has been good although Monday night was a no-go due to a LONG day at work, getting home late and suffering a headache and a generally BLAH feeling. I've learnt that at those times its best to give myself a break. Rest, sleep and recover so that I can hit it hard again the next day rather than trying to drag myself around like the living dead. Tuesday I was back in 100% full form so I know I made the right decision.

So as af tomorrow its 9 DAYS TIL COMP. Thats single digits everyone... yes SINGLE DIGITS. I'm just blown away that its so close now.

I have so much more that I want to say but now is not the time so I'll store it away til the time is right.

Thanks to all those comments of support and encouragement that keep coming through. They really lift me up if I'm feeling down and nudge me alaong if I'm flailing. They mean a lot to me so again. THANK YOU :-)

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

OMG 9 Days!! WOW!! Oh Magda, I can sense the excitement just by reading your blog. Stay strong, stay positive, stay focused.

You have come such a long way and have done such an awesome job. You are going to SHINE up on that stage and you will make yourself, your family and all of us proud. Proud of you!!

CG xx

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
I was wondering where you had been. Sounding focussed and strong, keep it up. 9 days that sent butterflies going off in the tum LOL.
Kie xx