Thursday, September 13, 2007


....... best performance in falling down and getting back up again goes to……ME!!!

Yes its all back on track for me again. Thanks Kristy for a great sprint session this morning. I could have stayed chatting forever. Its nice to share our struggles and challenges with people who understand them.

I have 23 days til Adelaide comp. I have decided to give it my best go (as I said yesterday) and am feeling quite good about what I plan to do. I’m cranking my training up a bit more and have a diet plan that will hopefully deliver some outstanding results. The finish line is so close now that I can smell the Dream Tan LOL!! (Actually I don’t even know what it smells like. I must organise it soon though).

I have a few (extra) challenges over the next 3 days. Tomorrow is WH’s birthday. I will have some diet challenges but I’ve planned my strategy and if I can stick to it I’ll be fine.

And I’m determined to keep blogging so my statement yesterday was more like an incentive for me to stay positive. Plus it goes without saying that comp prep is NOT easy and even more so for us newbies so of-course we’ll have our struggles. But the real winners don’t let those struggles beat them and I want to be …. NO!! I AM A REAL WINNER!!

Til tomorrow folks


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RaeC said...

WOO HOO!!! *clap...clap*... standing ovation from me honey!! As for smelling the dream tan, my adrenaline starts pumping when I can hear it being slapped on bodies... let alone when I can smell it!! You will get through the challenges... just as long as you believe you can. Nothing tastes as good as achieving your goal feels honey xxx