Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yet again I'm blown away by so many wonderful supportive comments from fellow competitors and bloggers. Right now I need every bit of that encouragement to pick myself up and move forward again.

Over the last couple of days I've had some really difficult issues to deal with and I havent handled them as well as I should have. I cant write more about that now as my head isnt in the right place and I'm struggling for words that make sense. (I have deleted and rewritten these few lines over and over)

My number one priority now is to get myself back on track (diet and training have both suffered) both in my actions and thoughts/beliefs. I feel that once again its "crunch time" and I have 6 days til the comp to once again do the best I can.



Shar said...

Hey Magda,

Stay strong. Believe.
We are all here to see you make it to that stage.
If you need to e mail then please do.

Shar x

Anonymous said...

You don't have long to go now Magda, you started this journey nearly 10months ago, 6 days to go, hang in there, BE STRONG, BELIEVE in yourself and you will ACHIEVE.


Anonymous said...


You and me up there together. Only one week to go, you can do it.

Hey I'm still going after breaking my toe, (kicked the treadmill in bare feet. We'll tough it out to the end.

You can do it.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, hang in there. Cheers, Charlotte

Ali said...

Stay focussed and strong Magda, just remember why and who you are doing this for, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! one week to go,


Hilds said...

Hi Magda, I've been following your journey and you have inspired me with your endless committment and dedication. Your nearly there now, stay strong and you'll soon be standing on stage on top of the world! Hilds