Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I’m tired.
I’m cold and
I’m hungry. But
I’ve just had a nice drop on the scales, my abs are leaner and tighter and the muscles are once again showing in my legs.

WOOHOO Its all worth it!!!

Yesterday I did the double sprints I had planned. Yes out I went at 7.45pm and sprinted laps of my street. Did I care if people saw me and thought I was mad?? NOT AT ALL!! I’m a woman on a mission and that means doing stuff the average (overweight) Joe would never consider. Then it was back home for ab work, posing practice and a run through of my routine. What a great night it was as I strutted around in my undies admiring my leaner midriff (yes I know you’re all laughing but I bet you do it too!!)

I’m tired because I’m not sleeping well at the moment. Too much going through my mind as comp day gets closer. I wake up to pee (all that bloody water and pre-bedtime shake) and then my mind starts going and before I know it I’m awake for hours. This is happening about every 2nd or 3rd night so I’m really starting to feel it.

I’ve made a list of everything I need to do before the comp so I feel more organised and on top of things. This way I can concentrate on my training, being organised with food and keeping my mind in a positive place.

So life goes on and the days are disappearing. 18 to go. I cant wait for it to be here

Cheers all



Splice said...

Great work on the run in the street last night Mags lol.
It feels great to end your night on a good note knowing that you did everything right.
Pitty about your lack of sleep though, I hope it gets better, very important to sleep and recover fully.

I too walk around the house in my underwear posing ect lol, it's nice to see a reflection in the mirror that your happy with :-)

Stay strong your going so well now and not long to go.


Kristy said...

Your doing really well, Magda.

18 Days and you will be ready to shine and have your moment on stage.

btw I do too walk round in my underwear taking note of changes. It's nice when it is going the right way!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Magda. Proud of you.

Combat Girl

Charlotte Orr said...

You freak me out every time you say how many days it is to go, lol.

Hilary said...

LOL sounds like you deserve to be walking around in your undies admiring your midriff! Way to go Magda, its all coming together. I'm in countdown mode with you now, not long to go!!!!

Hope your sleep improves.

Hilary xx

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
I hear you on the sleep deprivation oh man it sucks. Good on you though for getting on with it not long to go now.
Kie xx