Thursday, September 20, 2007


Eating lean and clean.

Training as hard as I can.

Posing and routine practice.

Its almost like being on auto pilot but I'm ok with that. The finish line is in sight and I cant afford to fall over again when I'm so close to it. AND I WONT!!

Yesterday I posted a little "mid-week-brag" to Josh in my Training Diary on his PE site telling him of my fantastic drop in weight since last Friday. He replied with a happy face but reminded me that I shouldnt use that as a reason/excuse to ease off. The bugger....he knows me real well now :-) But this time is different. Its 100% on track to that stage.

So last night I ventured out in the cold, blustery evening and repeated my street sprints and then onto more leg work, abs and then posing and routine practice. This morning it was back out for another session of sprints. Sometimes I wonder just what it would take to get legs that I'm really happy with and proud of. Whilst they've improved HEAPS, they still have fat, wobbly bits. Oh well I guess we all have our insecurities and are never 100% happy with the total package.

16 days to go and despite that previous little peeve, I'm in a happy and positive place :-)

Cheers all



Andj said...

Not long to go now Magda! You have come such a long way and with only 16 days to go you are going to smash it in! I'm looking forward to seeing pics - I hope you post some!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Magda, you make my legs feel tired just reading your post, lol. Depending on how your diet is manipulated, you may find your legs will change a lot in the last week. And heels and a tan always make a difference! Cheers, Charlotte

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
Glad to hear you had a drop in weight. Stay strong not long now (-:
Kie xx