Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I found yesterday’s horoscope quite insightful and relevant even though I couldn’t come back and write more on it til today.

Some of the impact of it has deadened now but I’ll just say “bring on that extraordinary” coz I need all the help and inspiration I can possibly draw on right now.

Can somebody answer me these:

1. When everything is going really really well, why do we put ourselves in situations that will clearly sabotage all of our good work?
2. When we find ourselves in these situations, why do we consciously do as much damage as we possibly can?
3. Why is balance and harmony such an elusive thing?
4. Where has my “happy place” gone and why cant I find it again?

A squillion things are running through my mind right now. I’m trying to work my way back to that happy positive place but it feels like I’m crawling through mud.

25 days to go… and I feel fat, flabby and fed up.



Anonymous said...


Weird but true. Some of us have this fear and can't get over it.

You have worked your little toosh off for the last 9 months hang in there, you are in the final quarter. Your happy place is probably in hiding due to your calorie intake decreasing, this affects our minds.

Speak to others who have been down this same road and learn from them. Arm yourself with knowledge, know what to expect so you can tackle it.

You are doing great and will continue to do great because you are strong, determined and able.

Hang in there Magda.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, take another look at the photo you posted the other day. You are not fat and flabby! I can understand the fed-up part, but there's not long to go now. The first show was the worst for me - I think not knowing what to expect and not understanding how your mind and body works when it comes to dieting just adds extra stress. It will get easier. Hang in there. Cheers, Charlotte

Claudine said...

I think the pressure of competing is falling on you ... that's why you have these weird feelings. You know that if you do everything you should, the results will be wonderful. In my mind, you've already a winner to have come so far!

Nic said...

Hi Magda,
Hang in there and do your best. You are nearly there and the day will be here very soon. You've done fantastically well so far and are already very lean so if you keep it going a little while longer it will be worth it.
As for why we do the things we do to ourselves - my opinion is that our minds and bodies fight us when we get really lean and I think some bodies want to fight harder than others to hang on to the little bit of fat left. Hormonal changes and the bodies starvation defence mechanisms (yes we are starving ourselves) work in funny ways & often in the mind. So a once normal person has these weird mood swings and weird compulsions that just seem to take over. Being a smart and organised person makes it even harder as you think "why can't I control this?". But it is so so hard. My point is you are absolutely not alone with your experiences. You just have to fight yourself a little while longer and you will be ecstatic with your achievements. Good luck, Nic