Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK so things are going really well right now but last night I started to feel “weird” – you know mild headache, out of sorts etc. I had knocked off my shoulders/bis/calves session as soon as I got home from work. It was not a great session. I started it feeling very flat like I’m feeling the effects of less food and especially less fat. Josh had set some new targets for reps but I didn’t even make the reps from last week. At least I know this is 100% because of my current diet. Its simple: less fuel in = less fuel available to heave heavy weights around. Oh and my tummy rumbled throughout the whole session LOL.

So after tending to all the domestic chores and getting myself organised for today, I took myself off to bed early AND didn’t set my alarm for 5am to do my morning cardio. It’s the best thing I could have done. I actually had a night of reasonable sleep and woke up feeling good. Now I know that the “weird” feeling was just exhaustion although I don’t acknowledge it in case I collapse from it LOL.

This morning I dropped my car in for a service and walked about 5kms to work. The lovely lady who checked my car in asked how I was getting to work and I replied that I’d be walking in. Now get this!! She has a fearful look on her face and says “are you sure you’ll be alright?” What the??!! Do I look so frail that I wouldn’t survive a 5km walk?? I just chuckled away to myself as I enjoyed the walk along Unley Road on this beautiful Adelaide morning. Having said that though I’m now in that “too thin for the average person zone” so I know that I’m approaching “comp standard”.

So its sprints for me tonight, followed by ab work and then posing and routine practice, pretty much like Monday night. The wheels keep turning and its nice to be rolling along and enjoying the ride.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Your doing so well Magda and you are really inspiring to me. No matter what (whether I get my Afterburn book or not by then) I am starting my own personal 16 week challenge.

Keep up the great work Magda and hope to see you Thursday morning

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, great job with listening to your body. If you are anything like me you will be fine until after your comp, and then you will collapse from exhaustion, lol.