Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I gave myself permission to have today off work if yet again I had a night of poor sleep (think awake from about 2 or 3 am onwards!!). I was prepared to turn off my alarm and just sleep as much as I could if that was the case and work would have to take second place on my list of priorities.

So ironically I slept through til 4.30am which is pretty good. Contemplated blowing off my running training (it was sprint day today) but dismissed the thought immediately and hauled my arse out of bed before I convinced myself otherwise.

To say that today's session was hard is the undertsatement of all time!!! To make it worse, I got confused with my times and I'm not sure I ran the times I was meant to. But give me a break. Its between 5 and 6am, I've had a sleep deprived week, I'm a bit  carb depleted (by circumstance not by choice or prescription), I've just pushed myself to the limits of my aerobic capacity, I'm dreading collapsing on the side of the road in the dark with no ID on me and I'm confused with what my stop watch should be reading. Aaaargh!!!

So to console myself and find the silver lining (its gotta be there somewhere!!) I dream about the beautiful runners legs that I'll have ... for about 10 seconds and then I'm just hurting with my lungs about to leap out of my body and my legs fading fast. The end of today's session marked another achievement that I thought was impossible and while my effort wasnt exemplary, it was my best possible and you cant ask for more.

Oh and on a funny note, today had another "first" in my life. This morning I threw an assortment of food into my workbag: mango stones with the flesh around them, a slice of grainy bread (the last in the bag), slices if triple smoked ham, leftover coleslaw from last night and a lone slice of fruit bread (again the last in the bag). Over the course of the day, these would form my meals and snacks with an added skim cappuccino or two.

Well the end of the day came and I was packing up to leave early to pick my boy up from school and lo and behold what did I find??? The fruit bread was still there. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO EAT IT.

Wonders will never cease. That has NEVER happened to me before LOL!!!

Have a great weekend folks.



LizN said...

Hey Magda,

I tell myself that my training week starts on Friday - it's when I do up my RPM mix for the week and I envisage Saturday's class (the Hi Performance one) as the one where I'm really "fresh".

The games we play - sprint training is hard, well done!

Anonymous said...

Sprints hurt, but it is what is going to make the gains. The lung busting "can't go on" is what will make the difference. You have every right to state they are hellish; they are!

Magda said...

Thanks Liz, menatlly my week starts on a Saturday (although Pat's programs start on a Monday with a rest day LOL). No matter whn theough, the sprint sessions are killers.

Thanks for the support Kate. I'll remember that they are MEANT to hurt the next time I'm out there knocking on death's door LOL.

:-) Magda