Monday, February 08, 2010


I'm a bit late to hop on this bandwagon but I couldnt resist sharing some snippets about myself. So here are ten things I absolutely love, in no particular order:

1. Cuddles and kisses from my son :-)

2. Hot summer mornings. Basically anything summer.

3. Beer o'clock on Friday where Peter and I share a drink, a few nibbles and yarn about life.

4. Wendy's Baileys Scorched Almond ice-cream in a waffle cone.

5. Having a skim cappuccino in my favourite cafe and watching the world go by.

6. Torrential rain on a metal roof when I dont have to go out in it.

7. Fitting into my skinny jeans and finding they are comfortable.

8. A clean and tidy house.

9. Alpacas (if we had a place big enough, I'd have a couple as pets)

10. Running. Running early mornings. Running early mornings on hot summer days.

:-) Magda


Charlotte Orr said...

That ice cream sounds nice!

LizN said...

so do the alpacas! personality plus!

Michelle said...

We have beer o'clock too ... my favourite time of the week :o)

Awesome list!

Magda said...

Oh Charlotte, its devine :-)

Liz I think they're just the most beautiful animals and have always had a soft spot and a fascination for them.

Michelle isnt beer o'clock just the BEST. When we go on holidays as a family, even our son will ask when its beerr o'clock (he usually has a little treat snack with us)