Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last week was a light training week. My long run was only an hour and there was no sprint work just more runs of varying lengths. Easy peasy. I actually eased off my extra walks and used the week as it was intended. I did that knowing that this week would ramp right up again. And it certainly has!!

Tuesday's sprint session was a killer. I know I've said it before but lord they are getting harder and harder and I dont master one before the next is harder still. As I was givng it my best I could feel my leg muscles screaming and two hours after the session was finished an incredible sense of tiredness came over them. However I do enjoy the absolute elation of finishing such a hard session. Pat sets me goals of what to aim for but I get nowhere near achieving them. For a moment I feel like a failure and doubts crowd my mind about my ability to run the 21.1kms. But then I pull myself out of it and remember that Pat has also said that as long as I give it my best thats all he can ask.

Today was an hour run at an easy pace and this meant getting up well before 5am so I could get ready and be on my way by 5 so I'd be finished by 6. All done and dusted but feeling a little tired so will take advantage of tomorrow as a rest day. I have no intention of trying to be Superwoman and pushing myself to exhaustion. I have hill sprints on Friday ( a major dread!!) and I know I'll need to be in good form for those.

Nutrition all good. I've successfully rebalanced and am feeling pretty good both physically and menatlly. My system needs to do a bit of rebalancing as well but that'll come soon I can tell.  I'm close to finishing "If Not Dieting Then What" and have found it an excellent resource. Its helping me to better undestand just what I want my approach to eating to be. It also helps to set my mind at ease at those times when things go a bit pear-shaped. I love it when my stars and the moon all align and I sit comfortably in my "happy place".

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

Great job on your running Magda. I am going to do a post on my eating sometime today as I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Kerry W said...

It's lovely to read you are going so wonderfully Madgda! And you're obviously enjoying what you're doing. Nice to know your stars and moon are aligning. :)

Magda said...

Great Kristy. You could use the move to your own place as a new start, set some realistic goals and approach life (and your eating0 a little differently. Its quite exciting really.

Thanks Kerry. I'm loving my running and am looking forward to race day. Its also great to be over the wonky start to last week and be cruising along happily.

:-) Magda