Saturday, February 20, 2010


Circumstances this week saw me eating a little leaner than usual with a little less carbs. This is not "planned dieting" or "what I'm allowed to eat" but just the way things worked out. So tonight our boy is sleeping over at his aunty's place and we headed out to one of our local cafes.

I was planning to have a marinara pasta but noticed they did Lebanese food so Peter and I shared a platter for two. Geez it was delicious with almost enough carbs to fuel my long run tomorrow morning. After the platter I was honestly not full so I indulged in an apple and rhubarb cake (gluten free) and a skim cappuccino as well. That was just what I needed (although it could have been a bit fresher) and I know I'll be running with power in my legs and energy to burn .... albeit at a ridiculously early time.

Tomorrow is a big day and it starts early. Kerry, Cheryl and I are meeting for breakfast and its an early one but hell just because its Sunday it doesnt mean I need to sleep in. Looks like I'll be heading out to run in the dark yet again.

:-) Stay tuned for the running report tomorrow!


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