Saturday, February 13, 2010


On Friday I had my first piss poor hang-my-head-in-shame training session. To say I was unmotivated and nowhere near my zone was an understatement. It just sucked.

I had a work function to attend on Thursday night. I enjoyed a few wines and the gourmet finger food was pretty yummy and I admit I overdid it. Got home and fluffed around blowing off all the normal evening chores and then got to bed late. Yep the writing was on the wall that the next day would not be good. And it wasnt.

Woke up with zero motivation. Jogged to my chosen street to do hill sprints (and it wasnt a true hill but just a street with some undulation in it) and did my distance sprint repeats all the time thinking of what I hadnt got done the night before and needed to do that morning. Did two hill repeats and jogged home. (Should have done 15!!!)

When I was training for the comps in 2007 I rarely missed a session. In my 10-11 months of prep I reckon I missed no more than 5 sessions - sometimes doing a double weights session just to fit it all in. I understand the importance of regular and effective training if you want to be good at something and I'm proud that 99% of the time I apply myself and give it my best shot. I guess Friday was that 1% where I took the easy out and blew it off.

I still love running and I know that I'll look forward to my long run tomorrow but yesterday was woeful. We all have bad days, sad days, days where we think "I just cant be bothered" and luckily I have relatively few so I'm not beating myself up just moving on. Long I come with bells on :-)



Kate said...

Magda, I tell you all this because I have to now run through you. Those days are there to remind us of how much good health and positive lifestyle choices are necessary for us to excel beyond the majority of human endeavours. Marathons, and the like, are not for the people who are not willing to make these sorts of sacrifices. It is only one day and they happen to ALL of us.
See it as a necessary step in the forward momentum of your journey. Run for your life, Magda. I'm proud of you.

Magda said...

Thanks Kate. Today I did run for my life :-)