Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well life is moving at lightning speed and this week has certainly had its ups and downs – although come to think of it the downs have outdone the ups so my mood is low right now.

In brief, I recently completed a major project at work and on Monday night we celebrated its opening. The response to the “product’ was fine (don’t you hate that word but it best describes the situation) which was actually a bit disappointing considering the blood that was sweated to get it across the line in record time. Hmm was hoping to feel better about the whole thing but am glad that its finished.

My boy had a cold over the weekend and his bugs are trying to take up residence in me now. All week I’ve had bouts of feeling quite unwell with some nausea and headaches being constant. Couple this with poor sleep on several nights and I’m feeling pretty crappy. Some time to rest and let the immune system do its job would be great but its been so busy with critical meetings that I’ve just pushed on. Hoping that my iron constitution wins out again.

After a massive emotional rollercoaster ride on another house that we were considering we finally came to an agreement to submit an offer and agreed on price. So our offer went in and I was so sure that we’d be successful. Well I was wrong and now I’m devastated as I really thought this was “the one”. You couldn’t get a better location and the house was lovely but the vendors are holding out for a price well above its real estate industry valuation despite it being on the market for a long time. Right now I feel totally fed up with the whole house hunting bullsh*t and I’m sick of living the whole Groundhog Day thing with it.

And on my final note of misery: for every up there is a corresponding down. Sunday’s record long run left me with a nice case of leg DOMS (mainly quads) so I’m very sore and tired too. But unlike body building where you smash a muscle group, get the DOMS and then have a week to recover, I had one day off and was out running 50 minutes the next day and an hour the day after. Thank goodness I have a decent dose of mental toughness and I just did it because blowing it off was almost looking attractive.

So there you have it. My misery guts dump. How does the song go? ….

…”the only way is up baby, the only way is up”. Well I’m ready to be transported.



Charlotte Orr said...

Poor thing! Hope you have a restful weekend and next week brings better things for you. C

Shar said...

Hope you start feeling the 'up' again soon Magda.

shar x

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air. There is a group of us feeling this 'blah' kind of existence at the moment. Know there is a goal to work towards, Magda. Keep on truckin' on!

Magda said...

Thanks guys.

:-) M