Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today was going to be a busy day so both Peter and I were up at 5.45am (thats SO wrong for a Sunday!!). I headed out for my long run (1 hour + 40 mins) at 6.15 and yep it was still dark. I had decided that I would take a different route to avoid that awful hill from last week so I turned off well before the road started to climb upwards. Running comfortably along what felt like a fairly flat road I had a change of heart and decided to tackle the hill from the other direction. So I came to the road leading up it and turned onto the uphill stretch.

It was shorter from this direction but I was also further into my run so the challenge factor was still there. Well I'm proud to say that today I jogged it without any shuffling. I just pressed on and on knowing that I didnt have far before I could coast on the downhill stretch.

Well turning the corner and cruising downhill was just awesome. I had Gwen Stefani telling me that I was a super hot female and the endorphins were coursing through my body. I felt fantastic. My legs were sore. My legs were tired. But all that was secondary to how great I felt.

Home at 8am and starving hungry (my stomach felt like it would digest itself LOL) I knew that whatever I ate I had well and truly earned. It was lovely to catch up with Kerry and Cheryl for breakfast and then mosey on home and get stuck into the domestic bliss. I didnt feel nearly as wiped out as last week so thats a good sign.

This week is a light recovery week which will be very welcome. Who knows what else will be in store?

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Go get the world, tigress!

Magda said...

I am Kate. I am!!