Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Life is strange.
Life is unpredictable.
Life is wonderful.
Life is magical.

Life will take you in one direction and then BANG a chain of events will change that direction forever. This is whats happened to us and we are excited and exhilirated (me) and stressed and nervous (Peter) all at the same time.

Without turning this into a War and Peace epic I will summarise briefly that we are no longer going down the path to a massive new home in the burbs but are looking to buy something small, functional and charming from around the turn of the century that is walking distance to the city.

We love where we are now and the amazing lifestyle that this allows us. We have awesome cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques just walking distance away and we can walk to work. It doesnt get much better than this and this is where we want to live in a house that gives us what we need without a lot of what we dont.

Yes the road to get here has been very stressful but I believe that all good things have to be worked for, waited for and sweated for. It makes them that much more appreciated when they eventuate. So we're on the house-hunting merry-go-round and yes we have already missed out on one house that we both loved :-(

Christmas is fast approaching and there is so much to finalise in the next couple of days. Even the lead up to now has been really busy, hence the lack of blogging and reading other blogs. I have many blog posts to catch up on when time permits.

On a personal level I'm still doing really well and this has actually become the norm and is no longer the exception to be amazed over. Sure there are days when I eat a bit too much but they naturally balance out with days where I eat less. I'm keeping up with my running as best I can as I'm now on holidays and not getting up at 5am. Again its a case of going with the flow and not stressing out if a session is missed. My headspace is good and I'm looking forward to my first Christmas (other than if I've been sick) where I dont eat til I'm ready to burst and gain the usual 3 or so kilos from all of the overindulging.

I'm planning a new look blog for 2010 as I can feel that it'll be an awesome year with new ventures, new challenges and an even happier and more positive outlook on life. But til then there is family time to be enjoyed, good food to be shared, nice wine to savour, a road trip and a holiday on the magical Sunshine Coast with my family. I'm off to wrap presents and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. Take a moment to give thanks for all you have, for all thats good in your life and for all you have worked hard to achieve. I know I will.




Witchazel said...

Just wanted to say thank you for all your support this year and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas break... wishing you 2010 filled with health, happiness, laughter and light... ohhh and of course the houe of your dreams!

Magda said...

Thanks Cathy. And right back at you too (although it sounds like you have the house (or the location) of your dreams already).



Kristy said...

Have a very Merry Christmas Magda. It sounds like a great decision you have made :)

That is fantastic news you are in such a great headspace. I am hoping to be back there sometime soon.

Lauren said...

Hi Magda, I have only just joined this wonderful community, but I already feel right at home! Thanks to people like you with your positive comments and helpful advice.

I wish you and your family a lovely christmas and enjoy your new year!

Sandra said...

Merry Christmas Magda! I've enjoyed reading your Blog since I started blogging earlier this year and I also wanted to thank you for always dropping in and giving helpful advice on mine.
Next year sounds like it's going to be wonderful for all of us.
Looking forward to it. Enjoy your holidays and family time.

Hilary said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day with your family Magda, and its great to hear that you have a new direction for your home in 2010 - good luck with the house hunting!

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Cheers guys and thanks for your lovely Christmas wishes.

Welcome to blogland Lauren and thanks for dropping by.

:-) Magda