Wednesday, December 02, 2009


During the day I get all these brilliant ideas for blog posts. They start with catchy titles and then ideas of what to write. I get quite inspired.

Then I sit down to read blogs and post my own later in the evening and I'm dead tired, idealess and lacking inspiration.

I'm due to do a November report but will tackle it when I feel better and my thoughts are clearer. I think it'd just be a jumbled mess if I wrote it tonight.

So on that note I'll sign out for today. It has been a good day. My eating is as I want it to be. Training today was an upper body weights circuit done on my back lawn. Not a favourite workout but a workout that suited my circumstances. I walked from work to my son's school this afternoon but didnt walk in the morning. Went and had coffee out with Peter as he was off work today. I'm feeling good within myself despite carrying some tummy bloat after Monday's overeating. It'll correct itself soon so I'm not stressing about it. Its good to be over the hump this week and getting closer to the weekend.

Cheers all



Alicia said...

Dont worry hun, we all have days like that :) Just go with the flow xoxoxo

Raechelle said...

Keep a notepad with you and write those ideas down girl! ;o)

Magda said...

Hi Alicia, Oh I'm flowing alright. Flowing into a dog tired wreck at the end of each day. Roll on holidays.

Raecheel, The ideas are written down but at night the creative juices just dry up. I need to write more during the day when I'm not so tired. But then this annoying thing called work gets in the way LOL.