Sunday, December 06, 2009


OMG things are hotting up and my excitement level is going through the roof. Stay tuned. I cant blog about it just yet but it wont be long. I have a good feeling though and my intuition is pretty good so here's hoping it doesnt let me down.

Weekend has been awesome. Getting some good news on Thursday certainly helped. Had a champagne with my work colleagues on Friday afternoon and that got the weekend off to a nice start. Peter is a different person since it looks like the shitty matter I blogged about previously is being resloved, a much nicer person and life is just better all round.

But there's always something to keep a small thorn in my side. This time its my right leg which is aching BADLY. I've self diagnosed that its from my running more often and for longer times and being slack with my stretching. Errr like not stretching AT ALL. So on Friday morning as I was trying to do my sprints my leg was aching like mad in the walk intervals. Of course I ignored it and pressed on but have been a bit more diligent about stretching. So much so that on Saturday I skipped my legs weights session and just did some stretching/mobility/prehab work instead and then followed it up with an hour of mixed cardio (bike/walking/bike). Then finished off with more stretching. Geez that felt good.

Today has been close to a "perfect day". Had a little sleep in. Did my upper body weights session and abs. My boys went to play golf so I had the place to myself for a while :-) After weights I had a blueberry pancake for breakfast and a quick shower. Then I walked very briskly for a little over an hour to meet my boys for a special purpose (sorry its all a part of what I cant blog about just yet). Fingers, toes, everything is crossed. We had lunch out and then walked to a nice park for our son to have a play. One more thing to do out and then came home, put the Chrissie tree up and before we knew it the day was just about over.

I have a good feeling about this week. I'm going to get my right leg sorted out and then it'll be perfect. I can feel it in my heart and if ever the power of attraction was going to work, this is the time.

:-) Magda


Gillian said...

Hi Magda,

I would strongly recommend a foam roller if you are going to do a lot of running. It is excellent to get rid of any ITB problems etc. Looking forward to hearing your good news, and just before Xmas!!

Magda said...

Thanks Gillian. I must admit I had forgotten about the mighty foam roller and will make sure I pick one up very soon and start using it regularly.