Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Whilst I didnt eat too badly in Sydney I admit that my wine intake was somewhat on the high side. Oh but I do love it :-) However since coming home I've cleaned up my diet again and will be aiming to tighten it up a bit more as I try to eliminate my artificial sweeteners. The bloat has gone down already with 1.1kgs off since yesterday and hopefully a bit more will come off tonight. Nothing to get excited about though as I did gain after those 2 or so weeks of off-plan eating.

Training is limited to brisk walks until the Esater break and then I'll reschedule the weights again. I havent been consistent in this area either and I'm starting to feel cr*ppy for it. It also wont be long before I reintroduce some running as it only takes a few walk sessions and my heart rate just doesnt get into my training zone any more. Gotta burn those cals and build those muscles so I better pull my finger out.

But in all honesty its not the physical stuff that challenges me the most (well maybe the diet side does when my Binge Monster is raging out of control). Deep down I know that if I can change my thoughts and my beliefs about myself and how I react to certain situations then my battle is more than half won. I believe that this is where I need to focus my energies to achieve the change that I so want. After all, we all know that when our minds work with us or for us the rest just seems to fall into place.

:-) Magda


KRISTIN said...

I agree Magda... controlling our thoughts and self doubts is definitely the hard part! We need to believe in ourselves and the rest falls in to place! And I hear you on the wine, hence my own decision to completely give it up... I enjoy it way too much!

Enjoy your week of rest and I hope you are firing and ready to get back in to it next week :)

Have a great Easter too!

Kristin xoxo

Em said...

Ditto sweets!
I so hear you, I am still battling the inner fat chick, its so easy to think negative and yet so hard to think positive happy thoughts!
Good luck with your inner journey hun :)

Magda said...

Thanks Kristin and Em. I hope you both have a great Easter.