Saturday, April 10, 2010


This last week has been TOUGH on a number of fronts.

WORK ...

....has been really busy with one of my staff members away this month, our Director away this month, the results of the SA election being decided and some events bordering on natural disasters hitting our sites. Days have disappeared in what feels like minutes and I've taken work home to try to keep on top of things. I expect this to be situation normal in April and I'll also be having a little time off just to make it even more crazy busy when I am at work. AAAAARGH!!


...... I had to ease back this last week. The hilly run (Bun Run) on Good Friday left me with sore calves and took a bit out of me. Then my "race pace" 10km run on Sunday took even more out of me. I had 2 rest days (one scheduled, one due to torrential rain) but was still not recovered on Wednesday. I managed 5 out of 15 hill sprints and then just did a 20 minute jog shuffling along at my woeful "Cliff Young" pace. I had 2 more rest days as my body was telling me I needed them and then did 50 minutes today and am due to do 1 hour 20 minutes tomorrow. I think I'll be ok for the race as next week is not a heavy training week.

Coach has sent me an excellent email on how to prepare in the last 2 weeks including the mental prep and I'm devouring that repeatedly so that it sinks in. Its all about the mental attitude now and if thats right then everything will be good on race day. I say "good" and not "easy" as we all know that running 21.1kms for the first time is not an easy exercise but hey I love a challenge LOL!!


...... well this deserves a chapter all to itself. Like some other bloggers I am struggling with my diet/weight at the moment. I've had some ups and downs and lately the downs have dominated. There are a myriad of reasons but put simply I've become a bit complacent and have 1: overindulged in treat foods and 2: let that f*cken old Binge Monster back into my life.

I've been looking within to find my balance again and its there .... just. But I know that over the coming weeks I need to reassess what I'm doing, what I'm thinking, how I'm feeling and what it is I want. Its not necessarily going back to the drawing board but more a case of tweeking  and fine tuning to get things working right again.  I've considered getting help with this but I'd be happier knowing that I worked things out by myself for myself. After all, nobody knows me like I do and I CAN work this out and get it right.

7 sleeps til race day and so much to do in the meantime. gotta love afull and busy life!!

Cheers all


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